Early Modern Studies Series

The Early Modern Studies series includes history, art history, church history, philosophy, literature, and interdisciplinary studies, covering the period from approximately 1450 to 1750, encompassing European and wider global perspectives.

Before 2008, this series was known as Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies series, which includes translations of some of the significant works of Peter Martyr Vermigli, the sixteenth century Italian reformer, scholar, and philosopher.

Chronological list of EMS and Peter Martyr Vermigli titles

Advisory Board

Dr. Elaine Beilin, Framingham State College
Dr. Christopher Celenza, Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Barbara B. Diefendorf, Boston University
Dr. Paula Findlen, Stanford University
Dr. Scott H. Hendrix, Princeton Theological Seminary
Dr. Jane Campbell Hutchison, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Dr. Mary B. McKinley, University of Virginia
Dr. Raymond A. Mentzer, University of Iowa
Dr. Robert V. Schnucker, Truman State University, Emeritus
Dr. Nicholas Terpstra, University of Toronto
Dr. Margo Todd, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. James Tracy, University of Minnesota
Dr. Merry Wiesner-Hanks, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee