The Chariton Review

Edited by Dr. James D’Agostino

The Chariton Review showcases work that exhibits a strong sense of the craft and conventions of poetry, fiction, and essays. It includes literature that demonstrates an active familiarity with contemporary innovations and conversations in literary writing and exhibits mindfulness of various rich traditions.

The Chariton Review supports the artistic community of poets and writers by offering peer-reviewed feedback on their creative work to help develop the author's craft.

This international literary journal was founded in 1975 by Andrew Grossbardt and edited by Jim Barnes from 1976 to 2010. Dr. James D’Agostino is editor. He is the author of Nude with Anything, and his work has appeared in numerous poetry magazines and journals. He teaches at Truman State University, which supported The Chariton Review for many years. Truman State University Press began managing production and distribution of the journal in 2008.

Managing Editor: Barbara Smith-Mandell and Jen Creer

Production Editor: Lisa Ahrens

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