You can provide books to a school or library in need.

Children need good quality books to read, but many students attend school whose limited budgets do not allow them to buy enough books for their libraries.  Biographies are the perfect way to introduce students to reading for information, and the Notable Missourians series, produced by the Truman State University Press, is treasure trove of historical information.

You can provide this exceptional resource to a school or library in need. With each donation of $100 to the University Press, the Press will provide all six books in the 2014 set to a school or library in the state of Missouri.  Interested in making a smaller gift? Donations of all sizes can help put these books in the hands of Missouri children.

More about the Notable Missourians Series

Notable Missourians is a nonfiction book series for young readers in grades 3 to 6 about people who contributed to Missouri’s history or culture and who were born or lived in Missouri. Each full-color, 48-page, hardbound book is vividly illustrated with artistic drawings, historic pictures, and maps to bring the text to life, and is filled with details designed to be a valuable resource for students at the appropriate age level.

The series meets the Missouri Learning Standards to build knowledge through reading and comprehension of more complex texts. Reading specialists have evaluated each text to check that it meets the appropriate reading level. This series was designed by historians, educators, and librarians who serve as authors, editors, and advisors.

The 2014 series includes Great Walker: Ioway Leader; Olive Boone: Frontier Woman; Sam Nightingale: Slave, Storyteller, and Conjure Man; Joseph Kinney: Steamboat Captain; Emmett Kelly: The Greatest Clown on Earth; and Helen Stephens: The Fulton Flash.