Early Modern Series

Early Modern Studies (EMS)

Complete list of volumes

Note: In 2008 this series replaced the Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies series.

Vol # Author Title
18  Christopher Mackay False Prophets and Preachers: Henry Gresbeck’s Account of the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster
17 Susan J. Puett & J. David Puett Renaissance Art & Science @ Florence
16 Frances Timbers The Magical Adventures of Mary Parish
15 Karen Hunger Parshall, Bruce T. Moran, & Michael T. Walton, eds. Bridging Traditions: Alchemy, Chemistry, and Paracelsian Practices in Early Modern Era
14 Ian F. Verstegen Federico Barocci
13 Lawrence P. Buck The Roman Monster
12 Matthew Vester, ed. Sabaudian Studies
11 Timothy McCall, Sean Roberts, & Giancarlo Fiorenza, eds. Visual Cultures of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe
10 Jennifer Mara DeSilva, ed. Episcopal Reform and Politics in Early Modern Europe
9 Matthew Vester Renaissance Dynasticism and Apanage Politics
8 Carl P. E. Springer Luther’s Aesop
7 Christine M. Boeckl Images of Leprosy: Disease, Religion, and Politics in European Art
6 Amy Nelson Burnett The Eucharistic Pamphlets of Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt
5 Jill Fehleison Boundaries of Faith: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva
4 Natalie Zemon Davis, Denis Crouzet; Michael Wolfe, ed. A Passion for History: Natalie Zemon Davis Conversations with Denis Crouzet
3 Edward Benson, trans. & Roger Schlesinger, ed. Portraits from the French Renaissance and the Wars of Religion
2 A. Lynn Martin Alcohol, Violence, and Disorder in Traditional Europe
1 Nicholas Terpstra, ed. The Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy