Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen Image
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    ISBN : 9780940474291

    October 1994

    332 pp.


Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe

Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen

Malcolm R. Thorp and Arthur J. Slavin, eds.

Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, vol. 27

De Lamar Jensen’s colleagues in the world of scholarship have come together to present to him a series of stellar essays to honor his long and productive career.

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Introduction – De Lamar Jensen Renaissance Man and Scholar
     Douglas F. Tobler
Chapter 1 – The First Permanent Embassy outside Italy: The Milanese Embassy at the French Court, 1464–1494
     Vincent Ilardi
Chapter 2 – Most Brutal Madness: Warfare in the works of Machiavelli and Leonardo
     Marvin Lunenfeld
Chapter 3 – Jacob Sturm and the Seizure of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel by the Schmalkaldic League, 1542–1545
     Thomas A. Brady, Jr.
Chapter 4 – Lords, Peasants, and the Introduction of Calvinist Preaching in Holland’s Noorder-Kwartier
     James D. Tracy
Chapter 5 – The Birth of the Dutch Nation
     Herbert H. Rowen and Craig E. Harline
Chapter 6 – Some Jesuit Counter-Reformation Strategies in East Central Europe, 1550–1585
     John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.
Chapter 7 – The Two Faces of Rome: The Fate of Protestantism in France
     Nancy Lyman Roelkert
Chapter 8 – Le Roi de Bonté: The Image of Louis XII during the French Wars of Religion
     Frederic J. Baumgartner
Chapter 9 – War or Peace: A French Pamphlet Polemic, 1604–1606
     Davis Bitton and Ward A. Mortensen
Chapter 10 – The Impact of the French Wars of Religion on a Frontier Province: Problems of Confrontation in Catalonic
     Henry Kamen
Chapter 11 – After the Armada: The Cuatro Villas de la Costa and Philip’s Brittany Campaign
     Kristin Richardson
Chapter 12 – The Politics of Philip II
     H. G. Koenigsberger
Chapter 13 – The Development of Spanish Naval Strategy and Tactics in the Sixteenth Century
     Peter Pierson
Chapter 14 – The Converso Lineage of Rodrigo Calderón
     Ruth Pike
Chapter 15 – Spanish Secret Diplomacy at the Court of James
     Albert J. Loomie, S.J.
Chapter 16 – Daniel Rogers in Copenhagen, 1588: Mission and Memory
     Arthur J. Slavin
Chapter 17 – Elizabethan Diplomacy: The Subtle Revolution
     Gary M. Bell
Chapter 18 – William Cecil and the Antichrist: A Study in Anti-Catholic Ideology
     Malcolm R. Thorp
Chapter 19 – Religious Toleration during the Age of Reformation
     Theodore K. Rabb
The Contributors