Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen Image
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    ISBN : 9780940474291

    October 1994

    332 pp.


Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe

Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen

Malcolm R. Thorp and Arthur J. Slavin, eds.
Categories: Early Modern, Religion

Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, vol. 27

De Lamar Jensen’s colleagues in the world of scholarship have come together to present to him a series of stellar essays to honor his long and productive career.


Introduction – De Lamar Jensen Renaissance Man and Scholar
     Douglas F. Tobler
Chapter 1 – The First Permanent Embassy outside Italy: The Milanese Embassy at the French Court, 1464–1494
     Vincent Ilardi
Chapter 2 – Most Brutal Madness: Warfare in the works of Machiavelli and Leonardo
     Marvin Lunenfeld
Chapter 3 – Jacob Sturm and the Seizure of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel by the Schmalkaldic League, 1542–1545
     Thomas A. Brady, Jr.
Chapter 4 – Lords, Peasants, and the Introduction of Calvinist Preaching in Holland’s Noorder-Kwartier
     James D. Tracy
Chapter 5 – The Birth of the Dutch Nation
     Herbert H. Rowen and Craig E. Harline
Chapter 6 – Some Jesuit Counter-Reformation Strategies in East Central Europe, 1550–1585
     John Patrick Donnelly, S.J.
Chapter 7 – The Two Faces of Rome: The Fate of Protestantism in France
     Nancy Lyman Roelkert
Chapter 8 – Le Roi de Bonté: The Image of Louis XII during the French Wars of Religion
     Frederic J. Baumgartner
Chapter 9 – War or Peace: A French Pamphlet Polemic, 1604–1606
     Davis Bitton and Ward A. Mortensen
Chapter 10 – The Impact of the French Wars of Religion on a Frontier Province: Problems of Confrontation in Catalonic
     Henry Kamen
Chapter 11 – After the Armada: The Cuatro Villas de la Costa and Philip’s Brittany Campaign
     Kristin Richardson
Chapter 12 – The Politics of Philip II
     H. G. Koenigsberger
Chapter 13 – The Development of Spanish Naval Strategy and Tactics in the Sixteenth Century
     Peter Pierson
Chapter 14 – The Converso Lineage of Rodrigo Calderón
     Ruth Pike
Chapter 15 – Spanish Secret Diplomacy at the Court of James
     Albert J. Loomie, S.J.
Chapter 16 – Daniel Rogers in Copenhagen, 1588: Mission and Memory
     Arthur J. Slavin
Chapter 17 – Elizabethan Diplomacy: The Subtle Revolution
     Gary M. Bell
Chapter 18 – William Cecil and the Antichrist: A Study in Anti-Catholic Ideology
     Malcolm R. Thorp
Chapter 19 – Religious Toleration during the Age of Reformation
     Theodore K. Rabb
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