Notable Missourians

Notable Missourians Series LogoNotable Missourians is a nonfiction book series for young readers in grades 3 to 6 about people who contributed to Missouri’s history or culture and who were born or lived in Missouri. Topics represent significant time periods or trends in Missouri history and introduce students to stories of lesser-known historic figures.

Each full-color 48-page book is vividly illustrated with artistic drawings and historical pictures to bring the text to life and filled with details designed to be a valuable resource for students at the appropriate age level. The Introduction and Legacy sections help students identify major ideas and themes. Each book includes substantive information, such as first- and secondhand accounts, that are developed throughout five chapters. Each book also includes a timeline, suggestions for further reading, a bibliography of the author’s sources, and an index. Website links are listed for additional ways students may access more visual, oral, or interactive information.

The series meets the Missouri Learning Standards (Common Core State Standards) to build knowledge through reading and comprehension of more complex texts. Reading specialists have evaluated each text to check that it meets the appropriate reading level. A Teacher’s Resource Guide will be available for each book and downloadable from a website link.

This resource for young readers is designed by historians, educators, and librarians who serve as authors, editors, and advisors to the Notable Missourians series. The series is published by Truman State University Press.

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Subjects being considered for 2017 and 2018
*Josephine Baker
*Edwin Hubble
*J. C. Penney
Maude Adams
Cool Papa Bell
Thomas Hart Benton
*George Caleb Bingham
Melissa Fuell
*George Washington Carver
Robert Heinlein
Alla Lee
Manuel Lisa
Elijah Lovejoy
Rose O’Neill
Luella Owen
Ginger Rogers
Mary Sibley
Sarah Teasdale
Harry S. Truman
Bess Truman
Hiram Young
*options for 2017