About the Press

Truman State University Press was established in 1986 to publish peer-reviewed research and literature for the scholarly community and the reading public, originally focusing on sixteenth-century European history. The Press publishes 12 to 15 books each year and has over 200 titles in print. All newer publications and selected titles from the backlist are available in e-book formats.

The Press is known for its high-quality titles, topics, and authors in our Early Modern Studies series, a premier venue for interdisciplinary studies in the Renaissance and Reformation era. The Press publishes important works on the American Midwest and selected topics in American history/American studies, including the Truman Legacy Series. TSUP’s literature publications include poetry in the New Odyssey Series, a Contemporary Nonfiction Series, and a literary journal, Chariton Review. Since 1997, the Press has sponsored the T. S. Eliot Prize, an annual award for the best collection of poetry in English named in honor of native Missourian T. S. Eliot. The Notable Missourians series for young readers and a series on Education and the Liberal Arts were launched in 2014. The Young Voices of Missouri project, begun in 2016 as a special issue of Chariton Review, publishes the work of high school students in Missouri.

The Press uses the peer review process to ensure the value and soundness of scholarship to maintain high standards for academic publication. TSUP adds value to scholarly work through editorial development, professional copyediting and design, and making books available in print and electronic formats. The Press encourages and refines the work of younger scholars through the publication of first books that establish credentials and develop authorial experience, and adds to the richness of undergraduate and graduate education by publishing supplementary material used by instructors. TSUP helps connect the University to the surrounding community by publishing books of local and regional interest.

As part of the Truman State University community, the Press serves as a local resource for faculty by providing guidance on intellectual property, scholarly communication, and the publishing process. Each year, up to six students work in semester-long publishing internships that provide them with meaningful hands-on experience, advice, and mentoring for pursuing careers in publishing.


TSUP has a staff of three that includes the tasks of director, copy editor, acquisitions editor, production editor, and marketing and sales manager, and is served by an editorial board composed of six faculty members. Each year, up to twelve students work in internship, work-study, or scholarship positions that provide them with meaningful hands-on experience. Students also gain meaningful experience in literary journal publication through work with Chariton Review and Young Voices of Missouri.


The Press operates under the office of the Dean of Libraries and is advised by an editorial board composed of Truman faculty from fine arts, English, and social sciences. The board assists in the selection of manuscript readers and approves manuscripts for publication after they have been peer reviewed.

TSUP Editorial Board

Members of the Editorial Board are faculty at Truman of high standing in disciplines relevant to the Press’s publishing program. Board members serve three-year terms and meet several times each year.

Dr. Mark Hanley, Chair (History)
Dr. Dereck Daschke (Philosophy & Religion)
Dr. Julia DeLancey (Art)
Dr. David Partenheimer (English & Linguistics)
Dr. Sally West (History)
Dr. Paul Yoder (Education)
Richard Coughlin, Dean of Libraries, Acting Provost
Barbara Smith-Mandell, Interim Director/Editor-in-Chief