Truman State University Press Student Internship

The TSUP publishing internship offers hands-on experience with print and electronic publishing projects to gain valuable work experience and learn about the book publishing industry.

The TSUP internship provides the student with editorial, production, and marketing work experience under the supervision of TSUP staff with an emphasis on learning e-book production. The intern works a total of 200 hours during the semester and earns five Truman credit hours. To receive full academic credit (graded and pass/fail hours) the intern is also assigned a project by a faculty adviser.

Goals of Internship

Editorial: Understand the composing and copyediting process for print and electronic book publishing; learn how to use style manuals and create style sheets; and learn how to focus on details.

  • Check in manuscripts, including images and permissions; become aware of copyright issues
  • Compose manuscript digital files by learning TSUP tagging protocol
  • Copyedit manuscripts using Word’s Track Changes feature
  • Understand style manuals and house style to use in copyediting and developing style sheets and author queries
  • Check citations and sources
  • Proofread a manuscript and/or work with changes from author or proofreader
  • Do quality control on revised manuscript pages

Production: Understand the print and e-book production process; understand and make layout decisions; and assign book tags.

  • Use e-book tagging protocol to convert digital files to e-books
  • Learn layout techniques for large page-count projects using house production standards
  • Scan and edit images and reformat book cover images to meet website and e-book specifications
  • Check printer’s proofs and final e-books on various e-readers

Marketing: Understand how to get scholarly print books and e-books to the market and how to reach appropriate audiences.

  • Create book descriptions and promotional materials to reach appropriate media and the target audience
  • Use social media to create market interest in authors and titles
  • Conduct internet research to find audiences for book(s)
  • Gather information about TSUP books in the marketplace
  • Proofread ad and promotional copy

Preparation for Book Publishing Internship Classes in grammar, copyediting, media writing, public relations, marketing, publication layout and design, or print design provide helpful background.

Application Procedures and Deadlines Applications for publishing internships are accepted at any time, but should be submitted by the deadline for top consideration.

Spring – October 30     Summer – March 30     Fall – May 1

Candidates must have completed at least 60 hours of undergraduate coursework. Internship positions remain open until filled. Up to three publishing internships are available each fall, spring, and summer semesters.

  • Complete a TSUP internship application.
  • Schedule an interview with a member of the TSUP staff (contact or x7336).
  • Complete an internship application with the Provost for Academic Affairs Office, the Department of Communication, or the Department of English and Linguistics.
  • Recruit a faculty advisor to supervise your internship and get appropriate application signatures.
  • Interview with the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs or the department faculty member.

Download the TSUP internship application.

If you are accepted for the TSUP internship, you will be contacted to arrange a schedule. Interns need to be available for at least 14 hours during the work week, in shifts of at least 3 hours between 9am and 5pm.