Marketing and Distribution

Marketing Information

TSUP asks authors and/or editors for each book to complete an Author Questionnaire* to give TSUP information about their book along with ideas about where and how to market it. Based on these suggestions, TSUP marketing staff works with the author to develop a marketing plan for their book.

TSUP books are marketed in print and electronic media throughout the world. We encourage author events to launch and present books whenever possible. The author’s involvement in marketing greatly enhances sales. TSUP also exhibits books at appropriate conferences throughout the year, with a table of our own or through another vendor marketing books from multiple publishers.

Promotional copies of new books are sent to appropriate reviewers and bookstores to help give notice to new books. E-mail, websites, blogs, and other social media are utilized to reach the appropriate audiences. Ads are placed in professional journals and other appropriate media. Our books are available through all the major websites, wholesalers, and bookstores, and may be ordered from the TSUP website.

Presenting the Book

Authors should take advantage of opportunities to promote their books at book signings and presentations. It is important for the author to be enthusiastic about their subject and remember they are the expert. The author should tailor their presentation to the audience.


TSUP fills orders through Longleaf Services, which supplies books to major wholesalers as well as to bookstores and libraries. We also list our books with major bookseller websites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Customers can buy books  through our online bookstore at

*Author Questionnaires to download (pdf forms)
Part A, Personal Profile: for authors/editors; to be filled out and returned with signed contract. Editors of contributed volumes will receive a copyright transfer form to distribute to their authors.

Part B, Marketing and Promotion (scholarly work): submit with final manuscript.
Part B, Marketing and Promotion (literary work): submit with final manuscript.