Books Have Their Own Destiny, Habent sua fata libelli

Robin B. Barnes, Robert A. Kolb, & Paula L. Presley, eds.

This book celebrates the remarkable career of a consummate teacher, publisher, pastor, manager, and executive. (SCE&S 50)

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Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, Vol. 50

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Essays in Honor of Robert V. Schnucker

This book celebrates the remarkable career of a consummate teacher, publisher, pastor, manager, and executive whose energy, enthusiasm, and persistence resulted in the respected Sixteenth Century Journal, the Sixteenth Century Studies Conference, and the Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies monograph series.




Jack Magruder
Robert V. Schnucker: An Appreciation
Robert M. Kingdon
The Story Told by Printers’ Marks: From Offense to Defense: The Nature of Reformed Theology in Its First Century
Brian G. Armstrong
Astrology and Popular Print in Germany, c. 1470–1520
Robin B. Barnes
Scholarship as Prophecy: The Beloved City of Johann Heinrich Alsted
Robert G. Clouse
Interpreting an Early Reformation Pamphlet by Urbanus Rhegius
Richard Cole
Publishing the Reformation in Habsburg Hungary
David P. Daniel
The Book Trade as Christian Calling: Johann Friedrich Coelestin’s Admonition to Printers and Bookdealers
Robert A. Kolb
The Image of Spain in the Pamphlet Literature of the Thirty Years’ War
William S. Maltby
Printing the Metaphor of Light and Dark: From Renaissance Satire to Reformation Polemic
James V. Mehl
The Printed Catechism and Religious Instruction in the French Reformed Churches
Raymond A. Mentzer
Erasmus’ Spiritual Homeland: The Evidence of His 1527 Will
Charles G. Nauert
The Revenge of Titivillus
Paula L. Presley
Out of Print: The Decline of Catholic Printed Sermons in France, 1530–1560
Larissa Juliet Taylor
Meretrix est stampificata: Gendering the Printing Press
Raymond B. Waddington
Kinder, Kirche, Landeskinder: Women Defend Their Publishing in Early Modern Germany
Merry Wiesner-Hanks


Robin B. Barnes is professor of history at Davidson College in North Carolina. He is the author of Prophecy and Gnosis: Apocalypticism in the Wake of the Lutheran Reformation (1988) as well as numerous essays on the cultural history of the Reformation and early modern religious mentalities. His recent work has focused on astrology in the Reformation era. He is associate editor of The Sixteenth Century Journal.

Robert A. Kolb is mission professor and professor of systematic theology at Concordia College in St. Louis, Missouri and is director of the Institute for Mission Studies. He served as associate editor of The Sixteenth Century Journal from its inception until his retirement at the end of 1997. His scholarly works include For All the Saints: Changing Perceptions of Martyrdom and Sainthood in the Lutheran Reformation (1987), Teaching God’s Children His Teaching: A Guide for the Study of Luther’s Catechism (1992), Speaking the Gospel Today: A Theology for Evangelism (1995), and Luther’s Heirs Define His Legacy: Studies in Lutheran Confessionalization (1996).

Paula L. Presley is director/editor-in-chief of Thomas Jefferson University Press at Truman State University, production editor of The Sixteenth Century Journal, and a freelance book indexer. She is author of articles in Editing History (1985) and Missouri Library World (1996) as well as “The Library Degree and Academic Publishing,” in What Else Can You Do with a Library Degree: Career Options for the 90s and Beyond, edited by B.-C. Sellen (1997).