Calvinus Sincerioris Religionis Vindex: Calvin as Protector of Purer Religion

Brian G. Armstrong & Wilhelm H. Neuser, eds.


This volume features lectures and seminars given at the Sixth International Congress on Calvin Research.     (SCE&S 38)



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Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, Vol. 38

This volume features lectures and seminars given at the Sixth International Congress on Calvin Research.



W. H. Neuser
Opening Remarks
The Right Reverend James A. Simpson
Address of Prof. Dr. W. H. Neuser


Calvin’s Accommodating God
David F. Wright
A New View of Calvin in the Light of the Registers of the Geneva Consistory
Robert M. Kingdon
Docere/Movere: Les catégories rhétoriques et leurs sources humanistes dans la doctrine calvinienne de la foi
Olivier Millet
Calvin as an Interpreter of Genesis
David C. Steinmetz
Calvin and the Fathers in Bondage and Liberation of the Will
Anthony N. S. Lane
Calvin’s Polemic: Foundational Convictions in the Service of God’s Truth
Charles Partee
“I Came Not to Send Peace, but a Sword”
Francis Higman
Der Eigentumsbegriff Calvins angesichts der Einführung der neuen Geldwirtschaft
Hans-Helmut Eßer


Two Commentaries on the Epistle to the Romans: Calvin and Oecolampadius
Akira Demura
Plaisir des mets, plaisirs des mots: Irdische Freude bei Calvin
Max Engammare
Varied Themes in Calvin’s 2 Samuel Sermons and the Development of His Thought
Douglas Kelly
Calvin’s Understanding of Pietas
Sou-Young Lee
Kirche als unabhängige Institution in Genf 1536–1538
Márkus Mihály
Scholasticism in Calvin: A Question of Relation and Disjunction
Richard Muller
The Reception of Calvinism in Britain
Andrew Pettegree
Karl Barth as Interpreter of Calvin’s Psychopannychia
Hans Scholl
Calvin’s Exhortation to Charles V (1543)
J. J. Steenkamp
“The Progress of the Kingdom of Christ” in Calvin’s Exposition of the Prophets
Peter Wilcox
Calvins Uminterpretation Cyprians bei der Beantwortung der Fragen: Auf wen ist die Kirche gegründet und Von wem wird der Bischof gewählt?
Anette Zillenbiller



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