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Vol. 36. No. 1

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The Chariton Review, Vol. 36, No. 1

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Vol. 36, No. 1 and 2 (2013)

Chariton Review publishes the best in short fiction, poetry, translations, and essays in two issues each year. This international literary journal founded in 1975 by Andrew Grossbardt and edited by Jim Barnes from 1976 to 2010 and now edited by James D’Agostino.

The 2013 spring issue (No. 1) includes Chariton Review Short Fiction Prize winner.



Vol. 36, No. 1

The Chariton Review Short Fiction Prize, 2013

Judge: Jaimy Gordon

Scott Winokur: Privy Digger

Short Fiction
Elissa Cahn: Under the Cat’s Skin
Andrew Kozma: An Apartment Hunter’s Guide to Martinsville
Ann Rushton: Like a Love Triangle

A. Kendra Greene: To Make A Shell

Micah Bateman
O as Zero Sum (A Psalm)
Self-Portrait with Landscape with Catastrophe
In Sign Language Opposites Are Similar

Philip Dacey
“I’m just working at the feedstore”
The Signal
The Walk-Up (New York City)

Kit Frick
New Moon (Black Moon, Dark Moon)
Waxing Crescent Moon
First Quarter Moon
Reversal of Phases
Marsh of Rot

Bradley Harrison
She Goes Inside to Get Down Her Last Letter
The House Mary Anna Built
No King in the Kingdom of Movement
Air: An Aria

Liz Kay: On Top of the Wind

Carrie McGath
Dirty Bomb
Ohio Lonely
Contemporary Lyric for Laid-off Peephole Manufacturers
The Living Half-Woman
Steak Dinner, Chicago

Kathleen McGookey
Arid Romance
Another Fairy Tale
Thank You for Your Question
Apology to My Son

Dan O’Brien
The War Reporter Paul Watson Listens to Mohammed
The War Reporter Paul Watson’s Psychiatrist Takes Note

Alexandria Peary
The Lottery of Winged Leaves
Klee Carpets
Brite Motes
Bath Toys Sit in the Description
Gift Basket
Bob’s Keys to the Kingdom

Derek Pollard
(with P. J. Mills & Aadarsh Parikh) Our Long Winter
(with Denise Weber) Three Sunflowers
Let the Great World Spin
Summer Moon, Ostranenie
At le Christopher
(with Kevin McLellan) The Street, A Jetty

James Proffitt
Prairie Notes
Laborer’s Blues

Matt Runkle
A Living Document
Message from Collections
What Kill Means
If you ever feel like a ghost,

Scott Silsbe
The River Underneath the City
Sunday’s A Bad Day to Get Bad News in Pittsburgh
Alleys of My Mind
How I Remember the Night Moody and I Looked for the Tape of Larry Levis on Tony Hoagland’s Old Porch
Thanks for the Magic

Mary Soon Lee: Anna
Steven Winn
Man in Love

John E. Smelcer: Song for the Sun to Return / C’edliis Saa Na’idyaa

Works Sighted
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Vol 36, No. 2

Short Fiction
Jon Morgan Davies: Advice, Lots of It
Elaine Ford: Why Men Love to Cut Things Down
Vishwas R. Gaitonde: Father’s Day
Blake Sanz: Oldest and Only

Gary Fincke: A Meditation on Mice and Rats

Robert Bense
Juxtaposition as a Force
St. Agnes Day
How Far to Ursa Major

Kara M. Bollinger
Translations at Profsoyuznaya
after Russian class
on love and language

Kristin Brace
Portrait of Valentine Godé-Darel by Ferdinand Hodler (1914)
The Year of the Cicada
Sometimes a sadness comes of which you feel ashamed
Age Sixteen: The Spring of No Return
The Geography of Now

John Gibbs
A Dream

Daniel Lusk
Geliefde Moeder
Father William

John McKernan
Get Out of Here
From the Inside to the Outside

Sally Allen McNall
Oral history
Search engine

Dave Nielsen
On the Departure of the Night in a Crowded Restaurant
Red at Night
Summer Nights

Jack Ridl
She’s Selling Their Bed
The Cat and I Watch the Morning
After Hearing the Professor Say, “She’s Just an Average Student.”

Yosef Rosen
No More
Yet Another

Shannon A. Salter
Gandhi’s eyeglasses
A place as vast and dry
I stay here
love / joy
Suddenly / for Bill’s

Michael Spence
The First Thing My Father Showed Me
Thanksgiving, North of Perth
Courtney Leigh Stevenson
Our Own Omissions
Small Gestures
If You Came Back
Red Hillside Above a Hillside

Diane Vreuls

Maryfrances Wagner
Too Much Kissing: A Dream Sequence
Pablo Dog and I Recover from Surgery

Kimmy Walters
all of this is very important
ideal first dates
I wonder if you had freckles on your knees
slow dance
put your hands over your nose and mouth and close your eyes and breathe

Kathleen Weaver
Haworth Moor
The Hunters

Works Sighted
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