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The best in short fiction, poetry, translations, and essays.

Vol. 31, No. 1 & 2 (2008)

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The Chariton Review, Vol. 31, No. 1, The Chariton Review, Vol. 31, No. 2

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Vol. 31, No. 1 & 2 (2008)

Chariton Review publishes the best in short fiction, poetry, translations, and essays in two issues each year. This international literary journal founded in 1975 by Andrew Grossbardt and edited since 1976 by Jim Barnes.


Vol. 31, No. 1

William Eisner: The Magic Dollar
Dennis Vannatta: Cotton Candy
Donn Irving: The White Whale
John Tait: The Byte Bastard
William Fowkes: Lincoln Towers
Burton Raffel: King of the Jungle

Mark Spitzer: The Existential Fish-Life Crisis (Or How I Finally Got Me a Gar)

Carol Hamilton
Doris Ulmann: White Gloves in Appalachia

Naton Leslie
Abiquiu Land Company
America’s Stonehenge
The Burning

Jeanne Emmons
To the Boys I Knew
Your Ford Falcon
Inside the Concrete

Robert Funge
From Morro Bay

Steven Lautermilch
This Butterfly Life
Antique Buddha, Sui Dynasty

David Wagoner
Waiting for the Library to Open
What To Do All Day
Watching a Boa Constrictor Yawn

Jack Heflin
Club Land
A Short Lesson on the Grip
Bestiary for the Back Nine

Art Homer
John Clare, Bring Your Fiddle
“Dull as Five Miles of Dirt Road”
Turkey Vultures

Robert Parham
Hearing from John
Standing in a Strange Town
Speaking of the Dead

Peter Cooley
While I’ve Been Writing This…
Any Blue Morning
Impossibility Street
Poem of Direct Address
Brother Beauty
New Year’s Eve Morning
Soul Houses
Poem of Simple Purpose


Vol. 31, No. 2

Short Stories
Jeff M. Sellers: Micaela
Oscar Martens: Capture and Release
Jean Anderson: Contagion
Harvey Spurlock: Hooks
Ted Morrissey: Communion with the Dead

David Hamilton: At the Fair

Fredrick Zydek
Parliament of Sounds
In Celebration of Clams
In the Land of Blue Jays
At Ocean Shores
In the Presence of Whales

Katherine Soniat
Bright Stranger

James Grabill
From the Religious Corporation
Lunch Fractals
The Light at the Credit Union

Jack Myers
Really Fast Chicken
Treasure Hunt
Black Loam
Intimacies of Cleaning

Michael Pettit
First Tuesday in November
Copulatory High Jinks
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Night Chant
Cigars at the Chimes with Hongo
Fifteen Minutes

David Hamilton
Catullan Variations

Michael Spence
My Very First Accepted Poem
Plain Speech of the Planer
Rowing Fivemile Lake During Uncle Dick’s Rain

Bruce Weigl
Ice Storm
Mua Ban Mai
Self-Portrait in the Third-Person at Fifty-Eight
One Lie

Lance Larsen
A Game of Pass-out Pamela
First Trimester
Walking Alone on Our Anniversary
To a Fig Leaf the Size of a Frisbee
To My Mother, Chewing

Jean-Max Tixier, translated by Roger Little
Praise for the Ferryman
Three Fables Without a Moral






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