The Contentious Triangle: Church, State, and University

Rodney L. Petersen & Calvin Pater, eds.


This remarkable volume honors one of the twentieth century’s foremost church historians, George Huntston Williams. (SCE&S 51)

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Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, Vol. 51

A Festschrift in Honor of Professor George Huntston Williams

This remarkable volume honors one of the twentieth century’s foremost church historians as the century draws to a close. It was Williams who coined the term “radical reformation” to describe the movement that helped shape the contours of the world that was to come after the reformers, far more than they or their Catholic and Protestant opponents ever realized. The sixteenth century saw not only Western Christianity split into denominations and sects, but also the rise of the “contentious triangle” of church, state, and university.


History and the Historian
“Hundred-Handed, Argus-Eyed”.....Jaroslav Pelikan
George Huntston Williams.....Timothy George
Thomas Hollis of London.....Peter J. Gomes

The Ancient and Medieval Church
Sharing with You the Words.....Demetrios Trakatellis
Love of Enemies and Nonretaliation in the Second Century.....Everett Ferguson
Word and Image in Byzantine Iconoclasm.....Nicholas Constas
The Law of the Church in the Central Middle Ages.....Roger E. Reynolds

Reform, Renewal, and Religious Ferment Early Modern Europe
George H. Williams’ Studies on the Radical Reformation in Central Europe.....Lech Szczucki
Hus and Luther.....Heiko A. Oberman
“And the waters withdrew” The Recovery of Atlantis.....Calvin Augustine Pater
Early Contacts among Anabaptists in Hesse and Moravia.....Werner O. Packull
The Moral Code of a Radical Reformer.....Paul G. Kuntz
“Wie in dem Basilischen Concilio den Behemen Gescheen”?.....Nelson H. Minnich
The Meeting of Dutch Anabaptists and English Brownists.....Keith L. Sprunger
From Poland to Park Street.....Harold O. J. Brown
Anglican Marriage in the Making.....John Witte Jr.

Church History and the Modern Era
“A Determined Generalist”.....Danièle Letocha
 Religious Dimensions of the Western Legal Tradition.....Harold J. Berman
Benjamin Stevens,  Harvard A.B. 1740......Peter Vogt
“A Little Child Shall Lead Them”.....Edith L. Blumhofer
Motivation—Designation.....Manfred Waldemar Kohl
Father Georges Florovsky.....George S. Bebis
Professor George Huntston Williams.....J. Bryan Hehir
Church and University.....Rodney L. Petersen

Lessons for the Twenty-First Century
The Encyclical Ut unum Sint.....Edward Idris Cardinal Cassidy
“In Defense of Church History”.....George Huntston Williams