Encounters with Lincoln: Images and Words

Thomas J. Trimborn

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This unique collection of images of Abraham Lincoln portrays one of America’s greatest figures from an artist’s point of view.



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This unique collection of images of Abraham Lincoln portrays one of America’s greatest figures from an artist’s point of view. Brief historical narratives help us view this multidimensional man with new appreciation. Encounters with Lincoln: Images and Words stirs our imagination and is a reminder of the inspiring legacy of our beloved sixteenth president.

Thomas Trimborn’s pictures beautifully reflect many of the moods and character traits that made Abraham Lincoln unique, and that few artists have dared to imagine. He has captured Lincoln moving beyond the constraints of photographic models and uses his own knowledge and appreciation to fill in the blanks.

—Harold Holzer, Metropolitan Museum of Art

Thomas J. Trimborn’s Encounters with Lincoln is not only a work of art that is both sensitive and attractive, but a penetrating description of the man Lincoln. It is an outstanding contribution to the study of Abraham Lincoln and should find its way into every library—including our schools’.

—Frank J. Williams, The Lincoln Forum

What makes this volume unique is the juxtaposition of the written word with the author’s accompanying artwork. Few authors have the ability to both tell the Lincoln story and illustrate it. The reader’s understanding is significantly enhanced by the evocative images, including the laughing Lincoln, the melancholy Lincoln, and even the president’s famous stovepipe hat. This absolutely delightful volume is especially timely as we approach the bicentennial commemoration of Lincoln’s birth.

—Thomas R. Turner, The Lincoln Herald



Out of the Wilderness
Springfield’s Lincoln

The Faces of Lincoln
Here’s Your Hat

Extraordinary Thinker
Melancholy Man
In Prayer
The Best Medicine

Democracy’s Spokesman
Determined Men
Avid Reader
Public Speaker
Lincoln’s Perfect Tribute
His Eyes Say It All

Living Legacy
Double Tribute 1
Double Tribute 2
Memorial Illuminations
Mahalia’s “Abraham, Martin, and John”
Dream Builders
Living History

Lincoln’s Life—A Synopsis
Description of Artwork


Thomas J. Trimborn received his BFA and MM degrees in music education and conducting from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and his PhD in music education from Northwestern University. He has more than thirty years of teaching experience at all levels of education and is currently director of the Master of Arts in Education's music program at Truman State University. Trimborn has written numerous journal articles and provided illustrations for more than forty magazine covers.

Truman State University Wind Symphony II performing music from the motion picture Lincoln under the direction of Dr. Thomas Trimborn. Illustrations taken from Encounters with Lincolnhttp://bit.ly/15KumgD



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