North American Prairie Conference

Stephanie Fore


Presentations made at the 18th North American Prairie Conference in June 2002 articulate the importance of the prairie’s worth.

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Proceedings and presentations made at the 18th North American Prairie Conference in June 2002 articulate the importance of the prairie’s worth. This research is important for scientists, legislators and the American public working together to shape policies that impact the prairie.


Part 1—Invited papers

Conservation priorities on fragmented, homogenized Great Plains landscapes..... DM Engle, SD Fuhlendorf, BR Coppedge
Grow Native! Connecting conservation and commerce from the backyard to the back forty.....J Allmon

Part 2—Symposium — Native plant market niches

Wild Ones Natural Landscapers: Gardening with native plants in St Louis region for three years.....S Woodbury
Creating native gardens.....A Wakeman
Selling native plants in the retail garden center: Challenges and opportunities....N Hamill
Growing native plants for fun, or profit?.....N Diboll
MoDOT and the expansion of native use on roadsides.....S Armstrong
Small-scale field production of forb seed.....RS Arndt

Part 3—Contributed papers:

Education, outreach, and organizational initiatives to preserve prairie

Student-generated field guides teach about identification of local prairie plants and animals.....GD Bisbee
The coastal prairie habitat as a model to promote sustainability in the agricultural curriculum.....B Borsari
Status of railroad prairies in west central Illinois.....AK Moorehouse
Innovative land acquisition and fund-raising techniques used to preserve a threatened Missouri prairie.....AL Thomas, G Galbraith

Restoration and reconstruction of prairie

Ecosystem restoration at the landscape scale: Design and implementation at the Efroymson Restoration at Kankakee Sands.....CH O’Leary, JA Shuey
The prairie reconstruction at Kaufmann Museum in south central Kansas.....DR Platt, LH Harder
Comparison of planting treatments in a tallgrass prairie restoration.....TA Aschenbach, K Kindscher
Soil carbon assessment across a native prairie restoration chronosequence.....CA Cambardella, TM Isenhart, KE Schilling, P Drobney, RC Schultz
Restoration of a prairie–savanna mosaic in northern Missouri.....GW Hartman
Spring haying as an alternative to spring burning on a reconstructed roadside prairie.....D Tix, I Charvat
Are there keystone plant species driving diversity in Midwest prairies?.....RA Henderson
The efficacy of herbicides for eradicating tall fescue.....ME Ruffner, TG Barnes
Prairie restoration at Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie.....W Glass, E Ulaszek
Remnants to roadsides: The Iowa Ecotype Project.....G Houseal
From borrow pit to long-term prairie study site.....D Geiger, D Conover, A Wischmeyer, D Brannen, L Jablonski
The Cajun Prairie Gardens: Demonstrations of sustainable landscaping in southwestern Louisiana.....MF Vidrine, GJ Quillman-Vidrine , DJ Vidrine, CE Vidrine
Effects of small herbivores on a grassland undergoing restoration.....M Murphy, M Stokes, T Cummins, B Legg

Management, inventory, and assessment

Using spatially oriented databases as a tool to manage roadside prairie remnants.....C Shulse, A Houchins, T Wren, S Armstrong
A comparison of nested quadrant and point–line intercept sampling methods for fire effects monitoring in shortgrass prairie.....PK Benjamin, JA Stumpf, NB Pavlovic
Ecosystem restoration at the landscape scale: Assessing conservation success at the Efroymson Restoration at Kankakee Sands.....JA Shuey, CH O’Leary
Water quality in streams of Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve: Inferences from chemical, physical, and macroinvertebrate data.....WM Rizzo, GD Willson, JF Fairchild
Reed canary grass control (Displacement by a diverse native-species mix).....C Kurtz

Prairie as pollution control and environmental improvement

The effects of tallgrass prairie restoration on soil quality indicators.....L McKinley, R Wolek
The control of the nitrogen cycle as a mechanism for the self-organization of prairie ecosystems.....NS Allen, SH Emerman

Prairie ecology

Comparison of managed cemetery and unmanaged railroad mesic prairie remnants in central Illinois.....EA Corbett, GA Corbett
The vascular plant community composition of three fens in the Sandhills of Nebraska.....M Borgmann-Ingwersen, J Jonas
Flowering phenology of Cajun Prairie plants.....CM Allen, MF Vidrine
Shade tolerance of Festuca paradoxa desv., a cool-season grass native to North America.....N Navarrete-Tindall, L Mechlin, JW Van Sambeek
Genetic variation in two prairie plant species populations: A comparison of native remnant populations and populations derived from collected seed....CA Hilker, JE Jurgenson
Western prairie fringed orchid: Its status, ecology, and in vitro propagation.....J Sharma, JW Van Sambeek, CJ Starbuck
Foraging ecology of selected prairie wildflowers (Echinacea, Liatris, Monarda, and Veronicastrum) in Missouri prairie remnants and restorations.....RR Clinebell II
Observations on the status of the Dakota skipper at Prairie Couteau in Pipestone County, Minnesota.....DW Schlicht
Tebenna silphiella (Grote, 1881) (Lepidoptera: Choreutidae): A prairie moth is rediscovered in Wisconsin and Illinois.....EH Metzler, RA Henderson, LA Ferge

Part 4: Abstracts of other papers and posters presented