William Clark: Explorer and Diplomat (Young Reader Series)

Jeffrey Smith


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William Clark is famous as one of the leaders on the Lewis and Clark Expedition, but he was also a soldier, a politician, and Indian agent. When he was a young boy, America became an independent country and by the time he died, the young country had expanded beyond the Mississippi and more than doubled in size. William served in the Army, explored and mapped new territory, served as governor of the Missouri Territory, and worked to keep the peace between Native Americans and new American settlers moving west as the country expanded.

William Clark left his mark on history not only as a leader of the expedition to explore and map the Louisiana Territory, but also as a political leader and a diplomat.

This book is included in the nonfiction book series, Notable Missourians, for young readers in grades 4 to 6 about people who contributed to Missouri’s history or culture and who were born or lived in Missouri.

Ebooks are available in pdf format through ebrary and EBSCO.

Study Guide for William Clark: Explorer and Diplomat [Download pdf]


Chapter 1: Learning to Live in the Wild Frontier
Chapter 2: To the Pacific
Chapter 3: Triumphant Return
Chapter 4: William Clark Moves to the West
Chapter 5: William Clark, Indian Diplomat
Legacy: Connecting the Continent
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Jeffrey Smith has a PhD in history from University of Akron. A former museum and library director, he is is currently a professor of history at Lindenwood University. He is also editor of The Confluence, a journal of regional studies, and portrays William Clark in one-man shows.

John Hare is an illustrator, graphic designer and artist. He lives in Gladstone, Missouri.


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