Yoke of Christ: Martin Bucer and Christian Discipline, The

Amy Nelson Burnett

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This book explores Martin Bucer’s interpretation of the discipline of Christ, a neglected aspect of Bucer’s theology and sociology. (SCE&S 26)

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Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies, Vol. 26

This important work won the 1991 Frank S. and Elizabeth Brewer Prize of the American Society of Church History. Burnett lays out the dynamic tension between Bucer’s theological approach and its application in Christian discipline. Bucer, through his influence upon Calvin and his impact on the English reformation, was a key personality of the Reformation. Burnett’s significant study provides clear insight into one of the most creative and practical-minded reformers of the Reformation.


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Penance, Discipline, and the Reformation
The Theological Foundations: Penance, Church Discipline, and the Power of the Keys, 1523–1530
The Effect of Experience: Church Discipline and Church Order, 1531–1534
The Power of the Keys, Christian Discipline, and “True Pastoral Care,” 1535–1538
Christian Discipline in Confrontation with Catholic Theology, 1539–1549
Christian Discipline and the Attempted Reformation of Cologne, 1542–1545
A Prophet without Honor? Bucer and Christian Discipline in Strasbourg, 1539–1546
The “Christian Fellowships” in Strasbourg, 1546–1549
The Ministry of Discipline in England, 1549–1551




Amy Nelson Burnett is professor of history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She specializes in the Swiss/South German Reformation and is the author of  Teaching the Reformation: Minister and their Message in Basel, 1529–1629 (2006), which won the Gerald Strauss Prize.


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