Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies (SCE&S)

Complete list of volumes

Note: In 2008 this series was renamed the Early Modern Studies series.

Vol # ISBN  Author Title 
83 9781931112765 Scott H. Hendrix & Susan C. Karant-Nunn, eds. Masculinity in the Reformation Era
82 9781931112796 Kathryn A. Edwards & Susie Speakman Sutch, ed. & trans. Leonarde’s Ghost: Popular Piety and “The Appearance of a Spirit” in 1628
81 9781931112697 Braden Frieder Chivalry and the Perfect Prince: Tournaments, Art, and Armor at the Spanish Habsburg Court
80 9781931112758 John A. Maxfield Luther’s Lectures on Genesis and the Formation of Evangelical Identity
79 9781931112727 hb Out of Stock
9781931112857 pb
David M. Whitford, ed. Reformation and Early Modern Europe: A Guide to Research
78 9781931112734 Franco Mormando & Thomas Worcester, eds. Piety and Plague: From Byzantium to the Baroque
77 9781931112604 Ian Verstegen, ed. Patronage and Dynasty: The Rise of the della Rovere in Renaissance Italy
76 9781931112581 R. Delph, M. Fontaine, & J. Jeffries Martin, eds. Heresy, Culture, and Religion in Early Modern Italy: Contexts and Contestations
75 9781931112598 Judith J. Hurwich Noble Strategies: Marriage and Sexuality in the Zimmern Chronicle
74 9781931112574 Kathleen Perry Long, ed. Religious Differences in France: Past and Present
(PML 9)
9781931112550 Trans. & ed. Emidio Campi & Joseph C. McLelland Commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics
72 9781931112567 Jean-Francois Gilmont, trans. Karin Maag John Calvin and the Printed Word
71 9781931112420 hb
9781931112437 pb
J. Lawrence Jenkens, ed. Renaissance Siena: Art in Context
70 9781931112406 hb
9781931112413 pb
Timothy Scott McGinnis George Gifford and the Reformation of the Common Sort: Puritan Perspectives on Elizabethan Religious Life
69 9781931112345 hb
9781931112352 pb
Emlyn Eisenach Husbands, Wives, and Concubines: Marriage, Family, and Social Order in Sixteenth-Century Verona
(PML 8)
9781931112277 Trans. & ed. Frank James III Predestination and Justification: Two Theological Loci
67 9781931112253 hb
9781931112260 pb
Diane C. Margolf Religion and Royal Justice in Early Modern France: The Paris Chambre de Lâ’Edit
66 9781931112284 Glenn S. Sunshine Reforming French Protestantism: The Development of Huguenot Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1557–1572
65 9781931112239 hb
9781931112246 pb
Carol P. Heming Protestants and the Cult of the Saints in German-Speaking Europe, 1517–1531
64 9781931112123 hb
9781931112116 pb
Gerhild S. Williams & Charles D. Gunnoe, eds. Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe
63 9781931112178 Lee P. Wandel History Has Many Voices
62 9781931112093 hb Out of Stock
9781931112086 pb
Kathryn A. Edwards, ed. Werewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief and Folklore in Early Modern Europe
61 9781931112062 hb
9781931112079 pb
John A. Marino, ed. Early Modern History and the Social Sciences: Testing the Limits of Braudel’s Mediterranean
60 9780943549934 James V. Skalnik Ramus and Reform: University and Church at the End of the Renaissance
59 9780943549910 hb
9780943549927 pb
Kathleen P. Long, ed. High Anxiety: Masculinity in Crisis in Early Modern France
58 9780943549811 hb Out of Stock
9780943549873 pb
Jeffrey R. Watt Choosing Death: Suicide and Calvinism in Early Modern Geneva
57 9780943549828 hb
9780943549903 pb
Anne J. Schutte, Thomas Kuehn, & Silvana S. Menchi, eds. Time, Space, and Women’s Lives in Early Modern Europe
(PML 7)
9780943549897 Trans. & ed. Joseph C. McLelland The Oxford Treatise and Disputation on the Eucharist, 1549
(PML 6)
9780943549644 Trans. & ed. Dan Shute Commentary on the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah
54 0943549787  hb*
9780943549880 pb
Sheryl E. Reiss & David G. Wilkins, eds. Beyond Isabella: Secular Women Patrons of Art in Renaissance Italy
53 9780943549859 Christine M. Boeckl Images of Plague and Pestilence: Iconography and Iconology
52 094354971X  hb Out of Stock
9780943549842 pb
Gerrit Voogt Constraint on Trial: Dirck Volckertsz Coornheert and Religious Freedom
51 9780943549583 Rodney L. Peterson & Calvin Augustine Pater, eds. The Contentious Triangle: Church, State, and University: A Festschrift in Honor of Professor George Huntston Williams
50 9780940474598 Robin B. Barnes, Robert A. Kolb, & Paula L. Presley, eds. Books Have Their Own Destiny, Habent sua fata libelli: Essays in Honor of Robert V. Schnucker
49 9780940474536 James V. Mehl, ed. In Laudem Caroli: Renaissance and Reformation Studies for Charles G. Nauert
48 9780943549682 H. J. Selderhuis Marriage and Divorce in the Thought of Martin Bucer
47 9780943549668 Cynthia Wales Lund A Bainton Bibliography


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Valrie Shrimplin Sun Symbolism and Cosmology in Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment”
45 9780943549620 Eric Josef Carlson, ed. Religion and the English People 1500–1640: New Voices, New Perspectives
44 0943549604
eBook Only
John Patrick Donnelly & Michael W. Maher Confraternities and Catholic Reform in Italy, France, and Spain
43 0943549671
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Salvatore Caponetto The Protestant Reformation in Sixteenth-century Italy
(PML 5)
9780943549613 Trans. & ed. John Patrick Donnelly Life, Letters, and Sermons
41 9780940474475 Allen G. Debus & Micheal T. Walton, eds. Reading the Book of Nature: The Other Side of the Scientific Revolution
40 9780940474437 Max Reinhart, ed. Infinite Boundaries: Order, Disorder, and Reorder in Early Modern German Culture
(PML 4)
9780940474413 Trans. & ed. Joseph C. McLelland Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology
38 9780940474406 International Congress on Calvin Research Calvinus Sincerioris Religionis Vindex: Calvin as the Protector of Purer Religion
37 9780940474390 Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs Church Art and Architecture in the Low Countries before 1566
36 9780940474383 Seong-Hak Kim Michel de L’Hôpital: The Vision of a Reformist Chancellor During the French Religious Wars
35 9780940474376 Mark W. Konnert Civic Agendas and Religious Passion: Charlons-sur-Marne during the French Wars of Religion, 1560–1594
(PML 3)
9780940474369 Trans. & ed. John Patrick Donnelly Sacred Prayers Drawn from the Psalms of David
33 9780940474352 Hilmar M. Pabel Erasmus’ Vision of the Church
32 0940474344  hb Out of Stock
9781931112185 pb
Raymond A. Mentzer, ed. Sin and the Calvinists: Morals Control and the Consistory in the Reformed Tradition
(PML 2)
9780940474338 Trans. & ed. John Patrick Donnelly Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ
(PML 1)
Trans. & ed. Mario Di Gangi & Joseph C. McLelland Early Writings: Creed, Scripture, Church
29 9780940474314 Frank R. Ardolino Apocalypse & Armada in Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy
28 0940474301
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A. Lynn Martin Plague? Jesuit Accounts of Epidemic Disease in the Sixteenth Century
27 9780940474291
Malcom R. Thorp & Arthur J. Slavin, eds. Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of DeLamar Jensen
26 094047428X
Out of Stock
Amy Burnett The Yoke of Christ: Martin Bucer and Christian Discipline
25 9780940474260 John A. R. Dick & Ann Richardson, eds. William Tyndale and the Law
24 9780940474253 Amanda Eurich The Economics of Power: The Private Finances of the House of Foix-Navarre-Albret during the Religious Wars
23 9780940474246 Jean R. Brink, ed. Privileging Gender in Early Modern England
22 9780940474239 Fred Graham, ed. Later Calvinism: International Perspectives


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Erik S. Ryding In Harmony Framed: Musical Humanism, Thomas Campion, and the Two Daniels
20 9780940474215 Carl C. Christensen Princes and Propaganda: Electoral Saxon Art of the Reformation
19 0940474204
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James C. Spalding, ed. The Reformation of Ecclesiastical Laws of England, 1552
18 9780940474192 Andrew C. Fix & Susan C. Karant-Nunn, eds. Germania Illustrata: Essays on Early Modern Germany Presented to Gerald Strauss
17 0940474182
Out of Stock
Heinz Schilling Civic Calvinism in Northwestern Germany and the Netherlands: Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries
16 9780940474178 Gayle K. Brunelle The New World Merchants of Rouen, 1559–1630
15 0940474158  hb Out of Stock
9780943549835 pb
George Huntston Williams The Radical Reformation, 3rd ed.
14 0940474166
Out of Stock
Catharine Randall Coats Subverting the System: Dâ’Aubigne and Calvinism
13 9780940474147 Robert Kingdon, Marvin Anderson, & John Patrick Donnelly, eds. A Bibliography of the Works of Peter Martyr Vermigli
12 0940474123
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Jean R. Brink, et al., ed. The Politics of Gender in Early Modern Europe
11 0940474115
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Steven Ozment, ed. Religion and Culture in the Renaissance and Reformation
10 0940474107
Out of Stock
Robert V. Schnucker, ed. Calviniana: Ideas and Influence of Jean Calvin
9 0940474093
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Hans J. Hillerbrand, ed. Radical Tendencies in the Reformation: Divergent Perspectives
8 0940474085
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Friedman Jerome, ed. Regnum, Religio et Ratio: Essays Presented to Robert M. Kingdon
7 9780940474079 James D. Tracy Luther and the Modern State in Germany
6 9780940474062 Donald Dean Smeeton Lollard Themes in the Reformation Theology of William Tyndale
5 0940474050
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Gail L. Geiger Filippino Lippi’s Carafa Chapel: Renaissance Art in Rome


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Kyle C. Sessions & Philip N. Bebb, eds. Pietas et Societas: New Trends in Reformation Social History: Essays in Memory of Harold J. Grimm
3 0940474034
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Carter Lindberg, ed. Piety, Politics, and Ethics: Reformation Studies in Honor of George Wolfgang Forell
2 0940474026
Out of Stock
Thomas Max Safley Let No Man Put Asunder: The Control of Marriage in the German Southwest, 1550–1600

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John R. Loeschen The Divine Community: Trinity, Church, and Ethics in Reformation Theologies

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