Truman State University Press

Truman State University Press is closed as of spring 2021.  All books are out of print and rights have reverted to the authors.

This website is being maintained for informational and historical purposes. To find a complete list of all titles published by Truman State University Press, please click here or use the menus above. You may also find books by genre using the menus above, or the icons on the right.


On Permissions and Licensing

If you are looking for permission to reuse material from a TSUP publication, please email and we will forward your email to the author.  Please note that, for all titles but those in the Notable Missourians series, all rights are controlled by the author and Truman State University has no legal right to grant permissions or to license content.

For content from titles transferred to other publishers, please contact that publisher.  For titles indicated as available as a reprint edition, please contact the new publisher.  For content from the Chariton Review,  please contact the author directly.


If you are looking for The SIxteenth Century Journal, click here.