Chariton Review Short Fiction Prize—Winners and Finalists

The Chariton Review Short Fiction Prize

The Chariton Review Short Fiction Prize was discontinued after 2016.

2016 Winner 

“Cocooned” by Mason Boyles

“I Have Always Been Beautiful” by Cinda Redfield

2016 Judge: Christie Hodgen
Chariton Review, June 2016

2015 Winner

“Sugar Bowl” by Jo de Waal

“Big Sister” by Louise Kantro
“Delivery in Goteborg” by Mike Lewis-Beck
“Die Laughing” by Kim Norris

2015 Judge: Christine Sneed
Chariton Review, June 2015

 2014 Winner

“Encounter at the Edge of a Forest” by Mark Mayer

“Restating Lines” by Charles Green
“Stock Footage” by Jess Bowers

2014 Judge: David Marshall Chan
The Chariton Review, May 2014

 2013 Winner

“Privy Digger” by Scott Winokur

2013 Judge: Jaimy Gordon
The Chariton Review, May 2013

 2012 Winner

“Vienna Quartet, With Dog” by Waimea Williams

“Leave It” by Mil Norman-Risch
“City of Paris” by Martha L. Burns
“A Season of Curing” by Heidi Naylor

2012 Judge: Kellie Wells
The Chariton Review, May 2012

2011 Winner

“The Outside World” by Sarah Towers

“Melampus” by Adam Sturtevant
“The Dome” by Genevieve Thurtle
“Valkyrie” by Sandra Jacobs

2011 Judge: Bonnie Jo Campbell
The Chariton Review, May 2011

2010 Winner

“A Kaddish For the Missing” by  Jacob Appel

“Sometimes, You Just Got to Go Auditory” by Lynn Veach Sadler
“Mrs. Daisy Buchanan and the Plums” by Megan Williams
“Strings” by Jacob Appel

2010 Judge: Gordon Weaver
The Chariton Review, May 2010