New Odyssey (Poetry) and T. S. Elliot Prize

TSUP published its first poetry title in 1990 and gathered its poetry publications under the New Odyssey imprint in 1997. The New Odyssey imprint included winners of the T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry, plus finalists recommended by the judge and later books by previous winners.

The T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry, which ran from 1997 through 2017, was an annual award for the best-unpublished book-length collection of poetry in English, named in honor of native Missourian T. S. Eliot’s considerable intellectual and artistic legacy. The purpose of the T. S. Eliot Prize was to publish and promote contemporary English-language poetry, regardless of a poet’s nationality, reputation, stage in career, or publication history.  The winning author received $2,000 and publication of the winning collection.

For a list of judges, winners, and finalists, visit T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry—Winners and Finalists.

New Odyssey series and T.  S. Eliot Prize Winners in Chronological Order

Publication Date
January 1990 Cover

Seed Time, Harvest Time

Jim Thomas

ISBN: 0943549108 (HB)

February 1995 Cover

Kangaroo Paws

David Ray

ISBN: 0943549353 (HB)
ISBN: 0943549345 (PB)

June 1995 Cover

Lilith, a Metamorphosis

Dagmar Nick

ISBN: 9780943549323 (PB)

December 1996 Cover

Burning of Los Angeles

Samuel Maio

ISBN: 9780943549453 (HB)

ISBN: 9780943549446 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 1997

Published June 1997



William Baer

ISBN: 9780943549460 (HB)

ISBN: 9780943549477 (PB)

June 1998 Cover

Numbered Days

Dagmar Nick

ISBN: 9780943549545 (HB)

ISBN: 9780943549538 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 1998

Published July 1998


Where Horizons Go

Rhina P. Espaillat

ISBN: 943549558 (HB)

ISBN: 9780943549569 (PB)


T. S. Eliot Prize 1999

Published April 1999


Rose Inside

David Keplinger

ISBN: 9780943549705 (PB)


February 2000 Cover

Old Direction of Heaven

Jennifer Rose

ISBN: 9780943549231 (PB)

March 2000 Cover

Naked Scarecrow

Richard Moore

ISBN:9780943549590 (PB)


T. S. Eliot Prize 2000

Published April 2000


Rational Numbers

H. L. Hix

ISBN: 9780943549804 (HB)

ISBN:9780943549798 (PB)

November 2001

Albert Giraud’s Pierrot Lunaire

Gregory Richter

ISBN: 9781931112024 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2001

Published April 2001


After Greece

Christopher Bakken

ISBN: 9781931112000 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112017 (PB)


January 2002 Cover


Glori Simmons

ISBN: 9781931112031 (PB)

February 2002 Cover

Surely As Birds Fly

H.L. Hix

ISBN:  9781931112055 (PB)

September 2002 Cover


Roald Hoffman

ISBN: 9781931112192 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2002

Published May 2002


Human Cartography

James Gurley

ISBN: 9781931112154 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112161 (PB)

May 2003 Cover

Without Reservation: New & Selected Poems

John E. Smelcer

ISBN:  9781931112307 (PB)

August 2003 Cover

Borges and Other Sonnets

William Baer

ISBN: 9781931112338 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2003

Published June 2003


Erotic Distance

Barbara Campbell

ISBN: 9781931112314 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112321 (PB)

February 2004 Cover

Kindled Terraces: American Poets in Greece

Don Schofield

ISBN: 9781931112376 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2004

Published August 2008


Empty Boat

Michael Sowder

ISBN: 9781931112444 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112451 (PB)

March 2005 Cover

Blue Scorpion

Julye Fay

ISBN: 9781931112475 (PB)

April 2005 Cover

Playing at Stillness

Rhina P. Espaillat

ISBN:  9781931112482 (PB)

November 2005 Cover

Pure Inconstancy of Grace

Richard St. John

ISBN: 9781931112499 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2005

Published October 2005


Red Beans and Ricely Yours

Mona Lisa Saloy

ISBN: 9781931112536 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112543 (PB)

December 2006 Cover

Lions’ Gate: Selected Poems of Titos Patrikios

Tito Patrikios; trans. Roula Konsolaki; ed. Christopher Bakken

ISBN:  9781931112642 (HB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2006

Published October 2006


Miniature Room

Rebecca Dunham

ISBN: 9781931112611 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112628 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2007

Published September 2007


Into the Arms of Pushkin: Poems of St. Petersburg

Carol V. Davis

ISBN: 9781931112703 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112710 (PB)

October 2008 Cover

Her Place in These Designs

Rhina P. Espaillat

ISBN:  9781931112895 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2008

Published September 2008


my maiden cowboy names

Victoria Brockmeier

ISBN: 9781931112819 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112826 (PB)

March 2009 Cover

Crush Depth

Michael Spence

ISBN:  9781931112901 (PB)

November 2009 Cover

Brief Tracks

Jim Thomas

ISBN:  9781935503019 (HB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2009

Published September 2009


Primitive Mood

David Moolten

ISBN: 9781931112949 (HB)

ISBN: 9781931112956 (PB)

February 2010 Cover

To Build My Shadow a Fire: A Sequence of Catholic Sonnets

David Wevill, ed. Michael McGriff

ISBN:  9781935503040 (PB)

October 2010 Cover

Woman with Wing Removed

Valerie Wohlfeld

ISBN: 9781935503064 (PB)

January 2011 Cover

Psalter: A Sequence of Catholic Sonnets

William Baer

ISBN: 9781935503101 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2010

Published September 2010


Works & Days

Dean Rader

ISBN: 9781935503088 (HB)

ISBN: 9781935503095 (PB)

May 2011 Cover

Beautiful Words: Kasuundze’ Kenaege: The Complete Ahtna Poems

John Elvis Smelcer

ISBN:  9781935503927 (PB)

September 2011 Cover


Ingrid Wendt

ISBN:  9781935503934 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2011

Published October 2011


Mutiny Gallery

B. K. Fischer

ISBN: 9781612480114 (PB)

February 2012 Cover

Between Storms

Carol V. Davis

ISBN:9781612480541 (PB)

February 2012 Cover

Monks Beginning to Waltz

George Looney

ISBN:  9781612480565 (PB)

September 2012 Cover

House Under the Moon

Michael Sowder

ISBN:  9781612480589 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2012

Published August 2012



David Livewell

ISBN: 9781612480770 (PB)

March 2013 Cover

Happy in an Ordinary Thing

John Ridland

ISBN: 9781612480794 (PB)

September 2013 Cover

In the Buddha Factory

Alan Soldofsky

ISBN:  9781612480886 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2013

Published October 2013



Luc Phinney

ISBN: 9781612480961 (PB)

February 2014 Cover

Second Line Home: New Orleans Poems

Mona Lisa Saloy

ISBN: 9781612481005 (PB)

August 2014 Cover

Bus Driver’s Threnody

Michael Spence

ISBN: 9781612481265 (PB)

T. S. Eliot Prize 2014

Published September 2014


Small Hours

Ilyse Kuznetz

ISBN: 9781612481289 (PB)

January 2015 Cover

Each Perfected Name

Richard St. John

ISBN: 9781612481302 (PB)

July 2015 Cover

Different War

Michael Miller

ISBN: 9781612481395 (PB)

T.S. Eliot Prize 2015

Published September 2015


Laura Bylenok

ISBN: 9781612481579 (PB)


T.S. Eliot Prize 2016

Published September 2016

Daughter, Daedalus

Alison D. Moncrief Bromage

ISBN: 9781612481838 (PB)

2017 Cover

Because I Cannot Leave This Body

Carol V. Davis

ISBN: 9781612481883 (PB)

T.S. Eliot Prize 2017

Published September 2017

Mud Song

Terry Ann Thaxton

ISBN: 9781612482163 (PB)