In the earlier years, the Press published a number of titles that do not fit into other series or genres the Press later focused on. These are included on this page in alphabetical order.


Clarembald of Arras as a Boethian Commentator

John R. Fortin

ISBN: 0943549272

Published 1995

Comparative Literature Today: Methods and Perspectives

Yves Chevrel

ISBN: 943549248

Published 1994

Creating Another Self: Voice in Modern American Personal Poetry, 2nd edition

Samuel Maio

ISBN: 9781931112505

Published May 2005


Herman Weyl

ISBN: 0943549

Published 1987

Ecology, Sociopolitical Organization and Cultural Change on the Southern Plains

Michael G. Davis

ISBN: 0943549205

Published 1996

Fiction of Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Mann: Structural Tradition

Jim Barnes

ISBN: 0943549035

Published 1990

Gods of the Word: Archetypes in the Consonants

Margaret Magnus

ISBN: 9780943549521

Published September 1999

Heidegger and the Earth: Essays in Environmental Philosophy

Ladelle McWhorter

ISBN: 0943549086

Published 1992


Hurly and the Bone

Farida Elizabeth Dahab

ISBN: 094354940

Published June 1996

In Dvorak’s Footsteps: Musical Journeys in the New World

Leon Karel

ISBN: 9780943549255

Published January 1995

John Courtney Murray and the Dilemma of Religious Toleration

Keith J. Pavilschek

ISBN: 0943549183

Published 1994

Microeconomics of Trade: A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis

Seymore Patterson

ISBN: 0943549027

Published 1989

Mediterranean Studies: Volume 4

ISBN: 1074-164X (HB)

Published 1994


Modern Papua New Guinea

Laura Zimmer-Tamakoshi

ISBN: 9780943549514

ISBN: 9780943549576

Published 1998

Myron Smith Towne and the Meaning of Success

Ruth Warner Towne

ISBN: 9780943549507

Published October 1997

North American Prairie Conference: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference: “Promoting Prairie”

Stephanie Ford

ISBN: 9781931112369

Published March 2004

Property in Ideas: The Patent Question in Mid-Victorian Britain

Maureen Coulter

ISBN: 0943549094

Published 1990

A Scientific Model of Social and Cultural Evolution

Robert Bates Graber

ISBN: 9780943549255 (HB)

Published 1995

Speaking For Clio

Richard E. Sullivan

ISBN: 0943549078

Published 1991

The Riddle of the Painful Earth: W. D. Howells’ Exploration of Suffering

Robert Mielke

ISBN: 9843549167

Published 1994

Through the Eye of a Needle: Judeo-Christian Roots of Social Welfare

Emily Abu Hanawalt

Published 1994


Weeping Violins: The Gypsy Tragedy in Europe

Betty Sowers Alt

ISBN: 0943549310

ISBN: 0943549396

Published 1996