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Author Title Genre
Alt, Betty Sowers Weeping Violins: The Gypsy Tragedy in Europe Other 1996-x
Arav, Rami, and Richard Freund, eds. Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, vol. 1 Bethsaida 1995-10
Arav, Rami, and Richard Freund, eds. Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, vol. 2 Bethsaida 1999-12
Arav, Rami, and Richard Freund, eds. Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, vol. 3 Bethsaida 2004-11
Arav, Rami, and Richard Freund, eds. Bethsaida, A City by the North Shore of the Sea of Galilee, vol. 4 Bethsaida 2009-05
Ardolino, Frank Apocalypse and Armada in Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1995-06
Armstrong, Brian G. Calvinus Sincerioris Religionis Vindex: Calvin as Protector of the Purer Religion Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1997-06
Baer, William Unfortunates T. S. Eliot Prize 1997-06
Baer, William Borges and Other Sonnets New Odyssey 2003-08
Baer, William Psalter: A Sequence of Catholic Sonnets New Odyssey 2011-01
Bakken, Christopher After Greece T. S. Eliot Prize 2001-04
Bangs, Jeremy Dupertuis Church Art and Architecture in the Low Countries before 1566 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1997-04
Barile, Mary Sam Nightingale: Slave, Storyteller, and Conjure Man Notable Missourians 2014-04
Barile, Mary Alphonso Wetmore: Soldier, Adventurer, and Writer Notable Missourians 2015-08
Barile, Mary, and Christine Montgomery, eds. Merit, Not Sympathy, Wins: The Life and Times of Blind Boone American Midwest 2012-06
Barnes, Jim Fiction of Malcolm Lowry and Thomas Mann: Structural Tradition Other 1990-x
Barnes, Robin B., ed. Habent sua fata libelli, Books Have Their Own Destiny: Essays in Honor of Robert V. Schnucker Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1998-10
Bartik, Jean Jennings; ed. Kim Todd and Jon Rickman Pioneer Programmer: Jean Jennings Bartik and the Computer that Changed the World Contemporary Nonfiction 2013-11
Benac, David Conflict in the Ozarks: Hill Folk, Industrialists, and Government in Missouri’s Courtois Hills American Midwest 2010-11
Boeckl, Christine M. Images of Plague and Pestilence: Iconography and Iconology Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2000-12
Boeckl, Christine M. Images of Leprosy: Disease, Religion, and Politics in European Art Early Modern Studies 2011-03
Brink, Jean R. Politics of Gender in Early Modern Europe Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1989-12
Brink, Jean R. Privileging Gender in Early Modern England Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1993-12
Brockmeier, Victoria my maiden cowboy names T. S. Eliot Prize 2008-09
Brooks, Karl Boyd Environmental Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2009-05
Brunelle, Gayle New World Merchants of Rouen, 1559–1630 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1991-10
Buck, Lawrence P. Roman Monster: An Icon of the Papal Antichrist In Reformation Polemics Early Modern Studies 2014-03
Burnett, Amy Nelson Yoke of Christ: Martin Bucer and Christian Discipline Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-09
Burnett, Amy Nelson Eucharistic Pamphlets of Andreas Bodenstein von Karlstadt Early Modern Studies 2011-03
Bylenok, Laura Warp T. S. Eliot Prize 2015-09
Campbell, Barbara Erotic Distance T. S. Eliot Prize 2003-06
Campi, Emidio, trans. & ed. Commentary on Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2006-04
Caponetto, Salvatore Protestant Reformation in Sixteenth-Century Italy Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-06
Carlson, Eric Josepf Religion and the English People, 1500–1640: New Voices, New Perspectives Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1998-08
Carter, Gari Troubled State: Civil War Journals of Franklin Archibald Dick American Midwest 2008-01
Chevrel, Yves Comparative Literature Today: Methods and Perspectives Other 1994-x
Christensen, Carl C. Princes and Propaganda: Electoral Saxon Art of the Reformation Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1993-02
Coats, Catherine Randall Subverting the System: D’Aubigne and Calvinism Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1990-11
Cokinos, Christopher Bodies, of the Holocene Contemporary Nonfiction 2013-10
Coulter, Maureen Property in Ideas: The Patent Question in Mid-Victorian Britain Other 1990-x
Dahab, Farida Elizabeth Hurly and the Bone Other 1996-06
Dains, Mary K. Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies, vol. 1 American Midwest 1989-x
Dains, Mary K. Show Me Missouri Women: Selected Biographies, Vol 2. American Midwest 1993-x
Daniel, Clifton Truman Dear Harry, Love Bess: Bess Truman’s Letters to Harry Truman, 1919–1943 American studies 2011-04
Daniels, Roger Immigration and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2010-01
Davis, Carol V. Into the Arms of Pushkin: Poems of St. Petersburg T. S. Eliot Prize 2007-09
Davis, Carol V. Between Storms New Odyssey 2012-02
Davis, Carol V. Because I Cannot Leave This Body New Odyssey 2017-01
Davis, Michael G. Ecology, Sociopolitical Organization and Cultural Change on the Southern Plains Other 1996-x
Davis, Natalie Zemon Passion for History: Natalie Zemon Davis, Conversations with Denis Crouzett Early Modern Studies 2010-02
Debus, Allen G. Reading the Book of Nature: The Other Side of the Scientific Revolution Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1998-04
Delph, Ronald K., Michelle M. Fontaine, and John Jeffries Martin, eds. Heresy, Culture, and Religion in Early Modern Italy: Contexts and Contestations Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2006-09
DeSilva, Jennifer Mara Episcopal Reform and Politics in Early Modern Europe Early Modern Studies 2012-10
Dettbarn, Wolf From School to War: Growing Up in Hitler’s Germany Contemporary Nonfiction 2017-10
Devine, Michael J., ed. Israel and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2008-05
Devine, Michael J., ed. Harry S. Truman, the State of Israel, and the Quest for Peace in the Middle East American studies 2009-08
Dick, John A. R. William Tyndale and the Law Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-06
Diefendorf, Barbara B. Social Relations, Politics, and Power in Early Modern France: Robert Descimon and the Historian’s Craft Early Modern Studies 2016-09
Donnelly, John Patrick Bibliography of the Works of Peter Martyr Vermigli Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1991-01
Donnelly, John Patrick Dialogue on the Two Natures in Christ Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1995-06
Donnelly, John Patrick Sacred Prayers Drawn from the Psalms of David Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1996-04
Donnelly, John Patrick Confraternities and Catholic Reform in Italy, France, and Spain Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-01
Donnelly, John Patrick Life, Letters, and Sermons Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-01
Donnelly, John Patrick Peter Martyr Reader Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-10
Dunham, Rebecca Miniature Room T. S. Eliot Prize 2006-10
Edwards, Kathryn A. Werewolves, Witches, and Wandering Spirits: Traditional Belief and Folklore in Early Modern Europe Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-11
Edwards, Kathryn A., and Susie Speakman Sutch, ed. And trans. Leonarde’s Ghost: Popular Piety and “The Appearance of a Spirit” in 1628 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2008-05
Eisenach, Emlyn Husbands, Wives, and Concubines: Marriage, Family, and Social Order in Sixteenth-Century Verona Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2004-06
Epp, Roger, and Spelling, eds. Roads Taken: The Professorial Life, Scholarship in Place, and the Public Good Education and the Liberal Arts 2014-01
Espaillat, Rhina P. Where Horizons Go T. S. Eliot Prize 1998-07
Espaillat, Rhina P. Playing at Stillness New Odyssey 2005-04
Espaillat, Rhina P. Her Place in These Designs New Odyssey 2008-10
Eurich, S. Amanda Economics of Power: The Private Finances of the House of Foix-Navarre-Albret During the Religious Wars Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-05
Fay, Julye Blue Scorpion New Odyssey 2005-03
Fehleison, Jill Boundaries of Faith: Catholics and Protestants in the Diocese of Geneva Early Modern Studies 2010-10
Fischer, B. K. Mutiny Gallery T. S. Eliot Prize 2011-10
Fix, Andrew C. Germania Illustrata: Essays on Early Modern Germany Presented to Gerald Strauss Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1992-03
Foré, Stephanie, ed. North American Prairie Conference: Proceedings of the Eighteenth Conference: “Promoting Prairie” Other 2004-03
Fortin, John R. Clarembald of Arras as a Boethian Commentator Other 1995-x
Fowler, Giles Deaths on Pleasant Street: The Ghastly Enigma of Colonel Swope and Doctor Hyde American Midwest 2009-09
Frieder, Braden Chivalry and the Perfect Prince: Tournaments, Art, and Armor at the Spanish Habsburg Court Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2008-02
Friedman, Jerome Regnum, Religio, et Ratio: Essays Presented to Robert M. Kingdon Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1987-10
Frome, Michael Rebel on the Road: And Why I Was Never Neutral Contemporary Nonfiction 2007-07
Fussell, Joseph B.; ed. E. R. Fussell Unbridled Cowboy Contemporary Nonfiction 2008-05
Gall, Jeff, and Micah Gall Buck O’Neil: Baseball’s Ambassador Notable Missourians 2016-05
Gangi, Mario Di Early Writings: Creed, Scripture, Church Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-12
Geiger, Gail L. Filippino Lippi’s Carafa Chapel: Renaissance Art in Rome Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1986-03
Geselbracht, Ray, ed. Foreign Aid and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2015-02
Geselbracht, Raymond H., ed. Civil Rights Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2007-09
Giglio, James Truman in Cartoon and Caricature American studies 2001-12
Giglio, Jim Stan Musial: Baseball Hero Notable Missourians 2015-08
Gilmont, Jean-François; trans. Karin Maag John Calvin and the Printed Book Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2005-11
Ginger, Ray Bending Cross: A Biography of Eugene Victor Debs American studies 1992-09
Graber, Robert Bates A Scientific Model of Social and Cultural Evolution Other 1995-x
Graber, Robert Bates Valuing Useless Knowledge: An Anthropological Inquiry into the Meaning of Liberal Education, 1st ed. Education 1996-02
Graber, Robert Bates Valuing Useless Knowledge: An Anthropological Inquiry into the Meaning of Liberal Education, 2nd ed. Education 2012-09
Graham, Margaret Baker Victorian America: A Family Record from the Heartland American Midwest 2003-03
Graham, W. Fred Later Calvinism: International Perspectives Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-03
Grigsby, Mary Noodlers in Missouri: Fishing for Identity in a Rural Subculture American Midwest 2012-01
Gurley, James Human Cartography T. S. Eliot Prize 2002-05
Hanawalt, Emily Abu Through the Eye of a Needle: Judeo-Christian Roots of Social Welfare Other 1994-x
Hanson, Chad Trout Streams of the Heart Contemporary Nonfiction 2013-04
Harrigan, Sharon Playing with Dynamite: A Memoir Contemporary Nonfiction 2017-10
Haxton, Jason Dibbuk Box American studies 2011-11
Haxton, Jason Andrew Taylor Still: Father of Osteopathic Medicine Notable Missourians 2016-05
Heiss, Mary Ann, and Michael J. Hogan, eds. Origins of the National Security State and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2015-04
Heming, Carol Piper Protestants and the Cult of the Saints: in German-Speaking Europe, 1517–1531 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2003-08
Hendrix, Scott H. Masculinity in the Reformation Era Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2008-05
Hillerbrand, Hans J. Radical Tendencies in the Reformation: Divergent Perspectives Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1987-10
Hix, H. L. Rational Numbers T. S. Eliot Prize 2000-04
Hix, H. L. Surely As Birds Fly New Odyssey 2002-02
Hoffman, Roald Soliton New Odyssey 2002-09
Holley, Scott Becoming the Teacher You Wish You’d Had: A Conversation About Teaching Education and the Liberal Arts 2017-04
Horvitz, Lori Girls of Usually Contemporary Nonfiction 2016-01
Hosmer, Brian Native Americans and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2010-01
Hurwich, Judith J. Noble Strategies: Marriage and Sexuality in the Zimmern Chronicle Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2006-06
Jack, Zachary Michael Wish You Were Here Love & Longing in an American Heartland Contemporary Nonfiction 2017-01
James, Frank, III Predestination and Justification: Two Theological Loci Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2003-12
Janet, Richard In Missouri’s Wilds: St. Mary’s of the Barrens and the American Catholic Church, 1818 to 2016 American Midwest 2017-10
Jenkens, A. Lawrence Renaissance Siena: Art in Context Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2005-08
Johnson, Anna Beyond Indulgences: Luther’s Reform of Late Medieval Piety, 1518–1520 Early Modern Studies 2017-11
Johnson, Yvonne J., ed. Feminist Frontiers: Women Who Shaped the Midwest American Midwest 2010-02
Jorgenson, Dale A. Theological and Aesthetic Roots in the Stone-Campbell Movement American studies 1989-x
Karel, Leon In Dvorak’s Footsteps: Musical Journeys in the New World Other 1995-01
Keplinger, David Rose Inside T. S. Eliot Prize 1999-04
Kim, Seong-Hak Michel de L’Hôpital: The Vision of a Reformist Chancellor during the French Religious Wars Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1997-05
Kirkeldall, Richard S. Civil Liberties Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2012-12
Kohlenberg, Mary Jane Hospital on the Move: Life with the 79th Field Hospital in World War II Contemporary Nonfiction 2000-09
Konnert, Mark W. Civic Agendas and Religious Passion: Chalons-sur-Marne during the French Wars of Religion, 1560–1594 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1997-02
Kuznetz, Ilyse Small Hours T. S. Eliot Prize 2014-09
Larsen, Lawrence H., & Barbara Cottrell Larsen Prospects of Greatness: The Rise of Cities in the Midwest during the Gilded Age American Midwest 2017-06
LaSalle, Michael E. Emigrants on the Overland Trail: The Wagon Trains of 1848 American Midwest 2011-11
Lindberg, Carter Piety, Politics, and Ethics: Reformation Studies in Honor of George Wolfgang Forell Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1984-06
Ling, Huping Voices of the Heart: Asian American Women on Immigration, Work, and Family American Midwest 2007-10
Livewell, David Shackamaxon T. S. Eliot Prize 2012-08
Loeschen, John R. Divine Community: Trinity, Church and Ethics in Reformation Theologies Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1981-x
Long, Kathleen P. High Anxiety: Masculinity in Crisis in Early Modern France Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-03
Long, Kathleen Perry Religious Differences in France: Past and Present Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2006-04
Looney, George Monks Beginning to Waltz New Odyssey 2012-02
Lund, Cynthia Wales Bainton Bibliography Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-x
Lynch, Christopher Albert Bond Lambert: Aviation Pioneer Notable Missourians 2015-09
Mackay, Christopher False Prophets and Preachers: Henry Gresbeck’s Account of the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster Early Modern Studies 2016-04
Mackay, Christopner S., ed. And intro. By De valschen Profeten unde Predekanten: The Low German Text of Henry Gresbeck’s Account of the Anabaptist Kingdom of Münster. Critical edition) Early Modern Studies 2017-12
Magnus, Margaret Gods of the Word Other 1999-09
Maio, Samuel Burning of Los Angeles New Odyssey 1996-12
Maio, Samuel Creating Another Self: Voice in Modern American Personal Poetry, Second Edition Other 2005-08
Margolf, Diane C. Religion and Royal Justice in Early Modern France: The Paris Chambre de l’Edit, 1598–1665 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2004-01
Marino, John A., ed. Early Modern History and the Social Sciences: Testing the Limits of Braudel’s Mediterranean Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-07
Martin, A. Lynn Plague?: Jesuit Accounts of Epidemic Disease in the Sixteenth Century Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1993-03
Martin, A. Lynn, ed. Alcohol, Violence, and Disorder in Traditional Europe Early Modern Studies 2009-10
Marty, Myron A., and Shirley Marty Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin Fellowship American studies 1998-08
Matray, James I. Northeast Asia and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman: Japan, China, and the Two Koreas Truman Legacy  Series 2012-03
Maxfield, John A. Luther’s Lectures on Genesis and the Formation of Evangelical Identity Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2008-10
McCall, Timothy Visual Cultures of Secrecy in Early Modern Europe Early Modern Studies 2013-04
McGinnis, Timothy Scott George Gifford and the Reformation of the Common Sort: Puritan Priorities in Elizabethan Religious Life Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2004-10
McKean, James Bound Contemporary Nonfiction 2017-09
McLelland, Joseph C. Philosophical Works: On the Relation of Philosophy to Theology Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1996-12
McLelland, Joseph C. Oxford Treatise and Disputation on the Eucharist, 1549 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2000-08
McManus, Donald Emmett Kelly: The Greatest Clown on Earth Notable Missourians 2014-07
McVickers, Maryellen Joseph Kinney: Steamboat Captain Notable Missourians 2014-10
McWhorter, Ladelle Heidegger and the Earth: Essays in Environmental Philosophy Other 1992-x
Mehl, James V. In Laudem Caroli: Renaissance and Reformation Studies for Charles G. Nauert Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1998-08
Mentzer, Raymond A. Sin and the Calvinists: Morals Control and the Consistory in the Reformed Tradition Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-09
Mielke, Robert The Riddle of the Painful Earth: W. D. Howells’ Exploration of Suffering Other 1994-x
Miller, Michael Different War New Odyssey 2015-07
Miller, Worth Robert Populist Cartoons: An Illustrated History of the Third-Party Movement of the 1890s American studies 2011-02
Moncrief Bromage, Alison D. Daughter, Daedalus T. S. Eliot Prize 2016-09
Montgomery, Christine Marie Meyer Fower: Barnstormer Notable Missourians 2015-08
Montgomery, Christine George Washington Carver: Teacher and Environmentalist Notable Missourians 2017-08
Moolten, David Primitive Mood T. S. Eliot Prize 2009-09
Moore, Richard Naked Scarecrow New Odyssey 2000-03
Mormando, Franco Piety and Plague: From Byzantium to the Baroque Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2007-10
Neal, Larry, and Anita Neal Harrison Unguarded Moments: Stories of Working Inside the Missouri State Penitentiary Contemporary Nonfiction 2014-05
Newman, Mark Agency of Change: 100 Years of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Education 1996-x
Nichols, David C. Founding the Future: A History of Truman State University Education 2006-12
Nick, Dagmar Lilith, a Metamorphosis New Odyssey 1995-06
Nick, Dagmar Numbered Days New Odyssey 1998-06
O’Brien, William Patrick Merchants of Independence: International Trade on the Santa Fe Trail, 1827–1860 American Midwest 2014-02
Offutt, Jason Haunted Missouri: A Ghostly Guide to the Show-Me State’s Most Spirited Spots American studies 2007-05
Offutt, Jason What Lurks Beyond: The Paranormal in Your Backyard American studies 2010-04
Offutt, Jason Helen Stephens: The Fulton Flash Notable Missourians 2014-05
Offutt, Jason Ella Ewing: The Missouri Giantess Notable Missourians 2016-06
Offutt, Jason J. C. Penney: The Man With a Thousand Partners Notable Missourians 2017-08
Olson Greg George Caleb Bingham: Frontier Artist, Missouri Politician Notable Missourians 2017-08
Olson, Greg Great Walker: Ioway Leader Notable Missourians 2014-04
Olson, Greg Jeffrey Deroine: Ioway Translator, Frontier Diplomat Notable Missourians 2015-08
Ozment, Steven Religion and Culture in the Renaissance and Reformation Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1989-07
Pabel, Hilmar M. Erasmus’ Vision of the Church Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1995-10
Pagliaro, Harold Naked Heart: A Soldier’s Journey to the Front Contemporary Nonfiction 1997-01
Parshall, Karen Virginia Hunger, and Bruce Moran, eds. Bridging Traditions: Alchemy, Chemistry, and Paracelsian Practices in the Early Modern Era Early Modern Studies 2015-06
Patrikios, Tito; trans. Roula Konsolaki; ed. Christopher Bakken Lions’ Gate: Selected Poems of Titos Patrikios New Odyssey 2006-12
Patterson, Seymore Microeconomics of Trade: A Critical Examination of the Foundation of Analysis Other 1989-x
Pavlischek, Keith J. John Courtney Murray and the Dilemma of Religious Toleration Other 1994-x
Petersen, Rodley L. Contentious Triangle: Church, State, and University; A Festschrift in Honor of Professor George Huntston Williams Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-04
Phinney, Luc Compass T. S. Eliot Prize 2013-10
Potts, Louis W., and Ann Sligar Watkins Mill: The Factory on the Farm American Midwest 2004-06
Puett, J. David, and Susan B. Puett Renaissance Art & Science @ Florence Early Modern Studies 2016-09
Quinn, Thomas The Feminine Touch: Women in Osteopathic Medicine Osteopathy 2011-04
Rader, Dean Works & Days T. S. Eliot Prize 2010-09
Ray, David Kangaroo Paws New Odyssey 1995-02
Reinhart, Max Infinite Boundaries: Order, Disorder, and Reorder in Early Modern German Culture Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999 -06
Reiss, Sheryl E., and David Wilkins Beyond Isabella: Secular Women Patrons of Art in Renaissance Italy Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2001-06
Richter, Gregory Albert Giraud’s Pierrot Lunaire New Odyssey 2001-11
Ridland, John Happy in an Ordinary Thing New Odyssey 2013-03
Ritchie, Donald A. Congress and Harry S. Truman: A Conflicted Legacy Truman Legacy  Series 2011-05
Rose, Jennifer Old Direction of Heaven New Odyssey 2000-02
Runte, Alfred Allies of the Earth: Railroads and the Soul of Preservation American studies 2006-01
Russell, Greta Olive Boone: Frontier Woman Notable Missourians 2016-07
Ryding, Erik S. In Harmony Framed: Musical Humanism, Thomas Campion, and the Two Daniels Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1993-x
Safley, Thomas Max Let No Man Put Asunder: The Control of Marriage in the German Southwest, 1550-1600 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1984-12
Saloy, Mona Lisa Red Beans and Ricely Yours T. S. Eliot Prize 2005-10
Saloy, Mona Lisa Second Line Home: New Orleans Poems New Odyssey 2014-02
Schilling, Heinz Civic Calvinism in Northwestern Germany and the Netherlands: Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1992-02
Schmidtberger, Loren Beginner’s Cow: Memories of a Volga German from Kansas Contemporary Nonfiction 2016-11
Schnucker, Robert V. Calviniana: Ideas and Influence of Jean Calvin Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1988-08
Schofield, Don Kindled Terraces: American Poets in Greece New Odyssey 2004-02
Schutte, Anne Jacobson, Thomas Kuehn, and Silvana Sidel Menchi, eds. Time, Space, and Women’s Lives in Early Modern Europe Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2001-09
Schwieterman, Joseph P. When the Railroad Leaves Town: American Communities in the Age of Rail Line Abandonment, Eastern U.S., vol. 1 American studies 2002-01
Schwieterman, Joseph P. When the Railroad Leaves Town: American Communities in the Age of Rail Line Abandonment, Western U.S., vol. 2 American studies 2004-09
Selderhuis, Herman J. Marriage and Divorce In the Thought of Martin Bucer Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1999-05
Sessions, Kyle Pietas et Societas: New Trends in Reformation Social History: Reformation Studies in Honor of George Wolfgang Forell Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1985-09
Shrimplin, Valerie Sun Symbolism and Cosmology in Michelangelo’s “Last Judgment” Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-02
Shute, Dan Commentary on the Lamentations of the Prophet Jeremiah Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-10
Simmons, Glori Graft New Odyssey 2002-01
Skalnik, James Veazie Ramus and Reform: University and Church at the End of the Renaissance Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2002-03
Smeeton, Donald Dean Lollard Themes in the Reformation Theology of William Tyndale Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1986-08
Smelcer, John E. Without Reservation: New & Selected Poems New Odyssey 2003-05
Smelcer, John Elvis Beautiful Words: Kasuundze’ Kenaege: The Complete Ahtna Poems New Odyssey 2011-05
Smith, Jeffrey William Clark: Explorer and Diplomat Notable Missourians 2016-05
Soldofsky, Alan In the Buddha Factory New Odyssey 2013-09
Sowder, Michael Empty Boat T. S. Eliot Prize 2004-08
Sowder, Michael House Under the Moon New Odyssey 2012-09
Spalding, James C. Reformation of the Ecclesiastical Laws of England, 1552 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1992-05
Spence, Michael Crush Depth New Odyssey 2009-03
Spence, Michael Bus Driver’s Threnody New Odyssey 2014-08
Springer, Carl P. E. Luther’s Aesop Early Modern Studies 2011-10
St. John, Richard Pure Inconstancy of Grace New Odyssey 2005-11
St. John, Richard Each Perfected Name New Odyssey 2015-01
Steppenoff, Bonnie Big Spring Autumn Contemporary Nonfiction 2008-10
Still, A. T., ed. Robert V. Schnucker Early Osteopathy in the Words of A. T. Still Osteopathy 1991-x
Still, Charles E., Jr. Frontier Doctor, Medical Pioneer: The Life and Times of A.T. Still and His Family Osteopathy 1991/2015
Sullivan, Richard E. Speaking For Clio Other 1991-x
Sunshine, Glenn S. Reforming French Protestantism: The Development of Huguenot Ecclesiastical Institutions, 1557–1572 Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2003-07
Terpstra, Nicholas Art of Executing Well: Rituals of Execution in Renaissance Italy Early Modern Studies 2008-10
Thaxton, Terry Ann Mud Song T. S. Eliot Prize 2017-09
Thevet, André; trans. & ed. Edward Benson & Rober Schlesinger Portraits from the French Renaissance and the Wars of Religion Early Modern Studies 2009-11
Thomas, Jim Seed Time, Harvest Time New Odyssey 1990-x
Thomas, Jim Brief Tracks New Odyssey 2009-11
Thorp, Malcolm R. Politics, Religion, and Diplomacy in Early Modern Europe: Essays in Honor of De Lamar Jensen Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1994-10
Timbers, Frances Magical Adventures of Mary Parish: The Occult World of Seventeenth-Century London Early Modern Studies 2016-01
Todd, Kim Jean Jennings Bartik: Computer Pioneer Notable Missourians 2015-08
Towne Ruth Warner Myron Smith Towne and the Meaning of Success Other 1997-10
Tracy, James D. Luther and the Modern State in Germany Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1986-09
Trimborn, Thomas J. Encounters with Lincoln: Images and Words American studies 2005-10
Trowbridge, Carol Andrew Taylor Still, 1828-1917 Osteopathy 1991-10
Uszkalo, Kristen Being Bewitched: A True Tale of Madness, Witchcraft, and Property Development Gone Wrong Early Modern Studies 2017-03
Verstegen, Ian Ferguson Patronage and Dynasty: The Rise of the della Rovere in Renaissance Italy Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2007-03
Verstegen, Ian Ferguson Federico Barocci and the Oratorians: Corporate Patronage and Style in the Counter-Reformation Early Modern Studies 2015-
Vester, Matthew Renaissance Dynasticism and Apanage Politics: Jacques de Savoie-Nemours, 1531–1585 Early Modern Studies 2012-06
Vester, Matthew Sabaudian Studies: Political Culture, Dynasty, and Territory (1400–1700) Early Modern Studies 2013-04
Voogt, Gerrit Constraint on Trial: Dirck Volckertsz Coornhert and Religious Freedom Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2000-06
Walker, J. Samuel, ed. Nuclear Energy and the Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2016-02
Walter, Georgia Warner The First School of Osteopathic Mediciine: A Chronicle Osteopathy 1991-x
Wandel, Lee Palmer History Has Many Voices Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2003-04
Watson, Robert P., Michael J. Devine, and Robert Wolz, eds. National Security Legacy of Harry S. Truman Truman Legacy  Series 2005-10
Watt, Jeffrey R. Choosing Death: Suicide and Calvinism in Early Modern Geneva Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2001-03
Wendt, Ingrid Evensong New Odyssey 2011-09
Wevill, David; ed. Michael McGriff To Build My Shadow a Fire: A Sequence of Catholic Sonnets New Odyssey 2010-02
Weyl, Herman Continuum Other 1987-x
Whitford, David M. Reformation and Early Modern Europe: A Guide to Research Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2007-11
Wiegers, Robert P. Missouri Armories: The Guard’s Home in Architecture and History American Midwest 2012-03
Williams, George Hunston Radical Reformation, 3rd ed. Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 1995-05
Williams, Gerhild Scholz, and Charles D. Gunnoe, eds. Paracelsian Moments: Science, Medicine, and Astrology in Early Modern Europe Sixteenth Century Essays & Studies 2003-03
Wohlfeld, Valerie Woman with Wing Removed New Odyssey 2010-10
Zimmer-Tamakoshi, Laura Modern Papua New Guinea Other 1998-07
Greece and the Mediterranean Other 1990-x
Spain and the Mediterranean Other 1992-x
Mediterranean Studies, Volume 4 Other 1994-x
Mediterranean Studies, Volume 5 Other 1995-x
Mediterranean Studies, Volume 6 Other 1996-x