Author Interviews

Author interviews were conducted by student interns of the Truman State University Press.

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Physical and Immaterial Boundaries: Interview with Carol V. Davis, author of Because I Cannot Leave this Body

Never Too Late: An Interview with Sharon Harrigan, author of Playing with Dynamite

A Conversation with Lori Horvitz, author of The Girls of Usually

Memoir and Identity: An Interview with Loren Schmidtberger, author of The Beginner’s Cow: Memories of a Volga German from Kansas

The War in Words: An Interview with Michael Miller, author of The Different War

The Force of Words: An Interview with Laura Bylenok, Winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize

Show Yourself Missouri, by Jason Offutt, author of What Lurks Beyond

The Dibbuk Box: Jason Haxton on Writing His Story

Mona Lisa Saloy discusses poetry as a journey

Dear Rader provides humorous insight to his work

Rhina Espaillat talks about T. S. Eliot and reading